National Stationery Show Recap: Part 1 June 10 2014

Wow, what can I say, we went to the National Stationery Show! And by we, I mean myself, my husband and my mom! It was truly an adventure to say the least, being first time exhibitors. For those who don't know what the National Stationery Show, it's a 4-day tradeshow for paper loving peeps. A chance for shops and businesses (big and small) to display their goods so wholesale stores can purchase them. 

If you are a first time exhibitor, I would highly recommend the Tradeshow Bootcamp, it was an awesome resource to say the least! They have webinars and even a paper camp you can sign up for!

My husband and I planned out our booth months in advance with many planning and prepping time, the booth is made from hard walls. I will do another post later about the hard wall process. 

This is what it looks like when we arrive to our booth…pipe and drape with dirty floors and the madness of everyone around you tried to put their booth together, not to mention the sounds of forklifts moving giant crates everywhere. We waited almost 3 hours for our crate to arrive, hence the chairs.

Our crate arrives, it was pretty beat-up, with some of our metal siding missing, but everything inside in tact. Here's a pic of our walls set-up! This was a big accomplishment! I was so happy to get these up, next was touching up any missing paint from the walls and our booth number.

Here's me making sure the Lydia & Pugs logo is firmly attached! Our logo laser-cut from Tony at Laser-Cut Plus! He was awesome and I loved out our logo turned out!

After all the shelving and products were up, I attached our little golden pug silhouettes, so they could shout out our booth number. After setting up for 2 days, it was on to the actual show. Next blog post, I'll touch base on what I plan on doing differently, what I learned and the experience of the show itself.