DIY Wedding Paper Flower Name Tags February 05 2014 2 Comments

DIY Wedding Paper Flowers Name Tag | Lydia & PugsDIY Wedding Paper Flowers Name Tag | Lydia & Pugs Supplies: -colored paper of your choice -quarter or 1 inch circle stencil -outdoor leaves (I used magnolia leaves) -fake green foliage -gold or pearl berries -gold spray paint -glitter blast spray paint (optional) -glue gun -ribbon -white paint and paint brush DIY Wedding Name Cards | Lydia & Pugs For my wedding name cards I really wanted to do something unique and also include flowers in the mix. I've been using a pale pink paper I really loved throughout my wedding invitation suite and decided to use that same paper to make these paper flowers.  First thing I did was gather my supplies and tools. I used three different types of leaves for this project: small-ish gold leaves, medium-ish green foliage leaves and large magnolia leaves from my magnolia tree. The small gold leaves were originally green and I spray painted them gold with a blast of glitter. The magnolia leaves were dry and I also spray painted them gold with no glitter. It amazes me how beautiful they look gold! I also used both pearl berries and gold berries. And to add a extra dazzle, I added the glitter blast to the gold berries. Here are some images of what the magnolia leaves looked like before I spray painted them, brown and crusty…but after a coat of gold paint, they look stunning. I put them in a piece of styrofoam to hold them in place while I painted them.DIY Wedding Paper Flowers Name Tag | Lydia & Pugs DIY Wedding Paper Flowers | Lydia & Pugs The picture above is the progression of the paper flower. For the paper flower, you'll need 6 - 1inch circles for each flower. Each circle gets a cut down the center, and you basically glue each one to make a small funnel, then take each 'funnel' and glue them into each other…this is detailed part, but the turnout is really beautiful! Just have patience. DIY Wedding Paper Flowers | Lydia & Pugs DIY Wedding Paper Flowers | Lydia & Pugs After you get all your flowers glued, you can glue you gold/pearl berry in the middle, small gold leaf next, green leaf and finally your large gold magnolia leaf. The magnolia leaf will serve as the name card for your guests. I then painted in white acrylic paint each guest name the gold leaf, this was my favorite part. I love that these name tags are not your typical tag, your guest feel extra special because they know each was personalized with their name.DIY Wedding Paper Flowers | Lydia & PugsAfter the names are painted, you can attach the entire name tag to a ribbon and then tie that onto you napkins. You can fold the napkins any way you'd like, but I choose to have the silverware showing. DIY Wedding Paper Flowers Name Tag | Lydia & PugsDIY Wedding Paper Flowers | Lydia & PugsP.S. I had to include a picture of Sprinkles the pug…she was very interested in the project especially when I was taking the photos. I hope you all enjoy!