Sprinkles is famous! September 25 2013

IMG_3774 IMG_3783 IMG_3809 I got to take some good photos of Sprinkles playing outside this weekend with my canon camera. She is sometimes hard to get a good picture of since she is always on the go. But I managed to get a few good ones. I also had some help from my fiancé for some profile photos of the two of us. So I updated my instagram profile pic...it's truly adorable with Sprinkles! Sprinkles and I also made it out to the Orlando Anthropologie Sit Stay Love event on Saturday! It was really a lot of fun to take her there and see all the people and dogs up for adoption. It amazes me how peoples face changes so quickly when they see a puppy or a dog...it's really the best feeling! We donated some toys to the donation drive and we even got our photo taken at the Anthro photo booth area. And of course they had an adorable spread of goodies for everyone. All of the dog merchandise was located at the front of store, so it was awesome to see the Lydia & Pugs cards, dog calendar and notepads! Below are some photos from the event. IMG_4785 IMG_4787 IMG_4790 IMG_4795 IMG_4797