Meet Sprinkles! September 06 2013 2 Comments

IMG_4591 IMG_4598 Sprinkles1 I am overjoyed with excitement and delight to introduce a new family member into my home and to the L&P family! Meet Sprinkles! She is my very own pug puppy! She is 10 weeks old and from a litter of 6 puppies. My fiancé and I drove 2 hours to New Port Richey to get her. She was the last female pup in the litter. It turns out someone else was going to come get her the day before but they never showed up... I figured it must have been meant to be. If you're wondering, Hera is still here apart of the L&P family, she lives at my parents house and needs extra care, as her back legs give out and she often uses wheels to get around. But I still love Hera the same, she is still my sweet pup after Lydia had passed. I am also happy to say we will all be going to Pugsgiving this November! I can't wait for Sprinkles to meet her other pug family! P.S. Follow Lydia & Pugs on Instagram (@lydiaandpugs) to catch the latest at L&P and photos of Sprinkles too!