Custom Stationery Design is Born May 22 2012

I've been working on some really fun custom designs lately. And for those of you that are new to the blog, or just wanted to know what happens behinds the scenes. I've listed a couple of steps in the custom design process. 1. Inspiration photos: After the custom design details are established. The client sends over inspiration photos of anything they would like incorporated in their design. From favorite dog photos to a pair of shoes to a colorful Lilly bag as shown. 2. Rough sketch: I gather the inspiration photos and get to drawing a rough sketch of their requests. I then send it to the client for approval before moving on to watercolor. 3. Watercolor rendering: After getting the client's approval, changing anything that needs to be modified or adding any details, I start watercoloring the illustration. This is where the drawing comes to life, adding the details of the illustration, such as the texture of dog's fur or patterned shirt, etc. 4. Final Stationery Design: In this step I send a final proof to the client for approve. The client is excited and happy with the final design, there might be a few tweaks, but it's then it's ready for the press! The best part about getting in a custom design, other than the fact that it's one-of-a-kind, is you can re-order stationery anytime you want and have your illustration added to a number of other items such as a mug, tote, or Christmas cards. You custom design is kept on file for future orders. If you are interested in a custom design or have more questions, please email me: I'd love to work with you!