Pineapple Inspiration August 05 2014

A little bit of pineapple inspiration for your Tuesday! In April I traveled to Hawaii with my husband, we saw the real deal and went to the Dole Plantation on Oahu! It was so awesome to see so many pineapples grow in nature, not to mention so many different varieties! So before the pineapple craze took over the web, it was great to see them in person. If you ever get to go to Hawaii, you should try the Dole Whip, it's basically pineapple whipped ice-cream shake…delish! And yes, there really is such thing as a pink-red pineapple, it's called a Red Saigon.

Then last picture is a quick watercolor of colorful pineapples I did last week…if that's not summery I don't know what is!